Melbourne Says No to Trump

We, the undersigned, reject Donald Trump's fear-mongering, racist immigration ban. 

Here in Melbourne and across the world, we will continue to fight for a just future for all. 


Just a week into his presidency, Donald Trump announced a block on immigration for refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries. 

But this appalling decision is just the latest in a series of attacks on the common values we hold dear in Melbourne.

Donald Trump has attacked the rights of women.

Donald Trump has attacked scientists.

Donald Trump has attacked global efforts to fight climate change and protect the future of our planet. 

Donald Trump has attacked working families and their rights to healthcare. 

We cannot be silent in the face of hatred. Now more than ever it is important to stand up for the rights of all people and to stand shoulder to shoulder with those in our community facing discrimination.

Melbourne is one of the most diverse electorates in Australia, and we will not allow such blatant attacks on our values.

We're ready to fight: for equality, for our climate, for justice. Join us. 

Adam Bandt MP 

Greens Federal Member for Melbourne


Will you sign?