We want to send two Melburnian researchers to Canberra during Budget week to shine a light on the real impacts of cutting investment in science and research. Can you chip in to help make this happen?

Tony Abbott’s last Budget was a killer for science and research. It threatened to deregulate our universities, and it ripped over $100 million out of the CSIRO and millions more from the Australian Research Council and other science and research organisations. Under Tony Abbott, Australia’s investment in science, research and innovation is at a 30-year low.

This Budget needs to save science, respect research and invest in a smarter and better Australia.

We want to send two Melburnians to Canberra during Budget week to shine a light on the real impacts of cutting investment in science and research.

We have a plan for Jess and George to go to Canberra to share their stories and the real impacts of cuts to science and research.Can you help us get them there?

You can read Jess and George's full stories here. 

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