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Save our CSIRO

Stand up for our CSIRO and climate research jobs. 

To Science Minister Greg Hunt, 

Science Matters. If you're genuinely committed to climate science and the CSIRO, restore the full $115 million that your government has cut since 2014.

We have a new Parliament. A new Science Minister. And yet still weak leadership on climate science and the CSIRO.

Greg Hunt's apparent 'u-turn' on climate science shows that our pressure is working. However, his directive to make ‘climate science a core activity’ of the CSIRO by restoring less than half the jobs cut is merely a band-aid to cover a bleeding wound.  

Science matters. Join us in calling on Science Minister Greg Hunt to restore the full $115 million that's been ripped out of the CSIRO by his government. 

Will you sign?





Supporting Public Housing Communities

On Saturday July 4 the Victorian Labor government announced that nine public housing towers in North Melbourne and Flemington would be placed under a “hard lockdown” preventing residents from leaving their home for at least five days.  The Greens have supported and will continue to support governments taking a ‘health-first’...


A people-led response to COVID-19

A people-led response to COVID-19  If the Coronavirus has shown us one thing, it’s that we’re all in this together – and we will get through this together.


Adam Bandt elected as Greens leader, kicks off fight for a Green New Deal

Adam Bandt MP, Member for Melbourne, has been elected as the Australian Greens Parliamentary Leader. Adam used his first media conference as leader to call for a government-led Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency and the jobs and inequality crises. Adam also made a strong pitch to young...


Bandt push for free childcare as next step in Green New Deal plan

Australian Greens Leader Adam Bandt has outlined his vision for universal childcare as part of the Green New Deal recently unveiled after the change in leadership. Mr Bandt said his goal is for universally accessible and free childcare and detailed a policy that would be the first big steps to...