Save Melbourne's Centrelink

In an act of complete cruelty, the Liberal Government conducted a sneak attack on the people of Melbourne and gave just over 24 hours' notice that people will be left without a local service.

Now, thanks to community pressure, the government has been forced into keeping the centre open for another 3 months. 

But the fights not over. The government has been silent about what happens in 3 months time. Our community needs certainty, and we need a physical Centrelink service. We've got to keep the pressure on. Sign our petition today. 

Melbourne has one of the highest populations of public housing tenants in the country. Before the coronavirus crisis hit Melbourne had over 7,000 Aged Pensioners, over 4,000 people on Disability Support, over 7,000 families receiving support and at least 4,000 people on JobSeeker. On top of this we have many thousands of renters and students who also need access to Centrelink services.

Closing a major Centrelink office with just over a day's notice while the country suffers Depression-era joblessness is utter incompetence and a savage attack on people in need of help.

We're calling on the government to commit to a permanent future physical service for our community. Can you add your voice to our campaign? 

2,397 signatures