Save Rooftop Solar

Scott Morrison and his coal loving cabinet are threatening to abolish rooftop solar. 

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme has helped millions of Australians put solar on their rooftop, cutting emissions and their power bill. 

Can you add your voice to our petition calling on the government to save rooftop solar?

The SRES lowers the upfront cost of solar and enables everyday Australians to take back control of their power bill and cut pollution. 

Right now, the Federal Government is considering winding back the SRES and abolishing it in 2021, nine years earlier than already planned. 

Now more than ever we need real action on climate change. But instead this government is on a pro-coal, anti-renewable crusade. 

Sign our petition to help us send a powerful message to the government that Australians want to see more, not less rooftop solar. 

Will you sign?