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For the last sitting fortnight of 2017, the government won't have a majority in the House of Representatives. That means we have a unique opportunity to legislate to reverse the cuts to penalty rates.

Join the Greens in reversing these devastating cuts to people's penalty rates and protecting penalty rates in law.

After a long campaign by the employers and the Coalition, the Fair Work Commission cut penalty rates for people working in retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacies. At a time when we are experiencing record low wages growth, more people than ever depend on penalty rates to pay the bills.

Penalty rates aren't a bonus, they're a core part of our rights at work. Weekend and public holiday penalty rates compensate people working unsociable hours to keep our community running while the rest of us spend time with our loved ones.

At the end of 2017, we have a chance to reverse this decision and protect penalty rates in law. 


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