Greens motion to protect science funding passes Parliament

The House of Representatives has passed a Greens motion, supported by the Coalition and the crossbench, calling on the Labor government to protect science and research funding in the Budget.

The motion was moved by Greens Deputy Leader and Science & Research spokesperson, Adam Bandt and seconded by Liberal Member for Higgins, Kelly O’Dwyer.

“Parliament has sent a strong message to the government about the importance of science and research funding,” said Mr Bandt.

“Science and research is crucial to our economic prosperity and is the key to sustaining our economy after the mining bubble bursts.”

“As the decline in revenue continues to put pressure on the Budget, the government must heed the Parliament’s call to protect the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council and other areas of research from any cuts.”


Mr Bandt—That this House:

(1) affirms that science is central to our economy and prosperity and that government investment in

research is central to maintaining and growing Australia’s scientific capacity;

(2) notes the:

(a) growing concern amongst the science and research community about the security of funding; and

(b) risks to jobs and the economy if funding is not secured, especially in Victoria where much of

Australia’s health and medical research is conducted; and

(3) calls on the Treasurer to:

(a) guarantee that science and research funding will be protected this financial year; and

(b) rule out any attempt to defer, freeze or pause Australian Research Council, National Health and

Medical Research Council, or other science and research grants in an attempt to achieve a

Budget surplus.