Stop The ROC

With this government in power, ordinary people need someone in their corner.

Our democracy would be better off without the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) and without Michaelia Cash. The ROC is not operating as a watchdog but as an attack dog on working people.

Add your name and join our call for the ROC to be abolished, before it can do more damage to our democracy.

The Registered Organisation Commission was opposed by the Greens because we were worried it would be used as a politicised weapon against unions and working people. Now within a few months our concerns have been confirmed. Not only are the recent raids on a union part of a worrying broader crackdown on dissent in Australia, but they’re part of a system that continues to favour the big end of town over working people. Corporate profits are on the rise while wages growth stagnates. Penalty rates are cut while the government pushes through a huge company tax cut.

This government unashamedly plays favourites and goes easy on the big end of town. When casino bosses are rigging machines and breaking the law, the government says it couldn’t possibly intervene. But, when a union donates money to GetUp!, an organisation that acts on the interests of its members and that holds the government to account, the police are sent in.

The ROC is an extension of this government's brutal agenda. It is an attackdog designed to crack down on groups that oppose this government and it must be abolished.

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