Richard Wynne & Labor: Commit to a trial of a medically supervised injecting facility in North Richmond

A person dies every two weeks from drug overdoses within two blocks of Victoria Street in Richmond. These deaths are preventable.

We can save lives by treating drug overdoses as a health issue not a law and order issue, and by giving people support when they need it rather than punishing them. The evidence is clear from cities around the world, including Sydney: medically supervised injecting facilities save lives.

But instead, the Victorian Labor government is spending $250,000 on CCTV cameras that will make things worse by pushing drug use further into back lanes and residential streets.

The Greens have fought for years for a better way – but local Labor MP Richard Wynne has stood in the way. The Greens, residents, experts, and the Yarra council agree: it’s time to trial a medically supervised injecting facility in North Richmond.

We call on Richard Wynne & Labor to finally stop blocking change and support a medically supervised injecting facility.


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