Richard Wynne & Labor: Expand the trial of the medically supervised injecting facility in North Richmond

Lives are being saved in Melbourne thanks to the medically safe injecting centre in North Richmond.

Since it was opened over a year ago, staff have responded to over 1,232 overdoses. Ambulance Victoria figures show a reduction in call-outs, suspected drug overdoses and patients being transported to hospital. 

We need to treat drug overdoses as a health issue not a law and order issue, and by giving people support when they need it rather than punishing them. 

The Victorian Government has not properly delivered on the North Richmond site, ignoring the feedback and concern of local residents and leaving them in the dark, jeopardising its social licence and making amenity worse for many locals. 

We're calling on the Victorian Government to protect, expand and improve the facilities in Melbourne, so we can save lives and improve liveability for North Richmond residents.  

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