Tackling Inequality

Inequality is at a 70 year high. Our society is becoming more unequal as the rich get richer and wages growth stagnates. Adam and the Greens are committed to reversing inequality, not making it worse. 

We need to tackle inequality by closing the gap between the very wealthy and everyone else. It’s not fair that the big end of town minimise their tax while working people have to pay more. A lot of government revenue isn’t being spent wisely. If we axe subsidies to polluters, end unfair tax breaks and ask wealthy miners and banks to pay their fair share, we can properly fund services for the many, not just the wealthy few.

The Greens will tackle inequality by:

  • Introduce a progressive business tax that will ensure big corporations and multinationals pay more tax and small business
    pays less.
  • Grow the new economy by redirecting subsidies away from fossil fuels and towards industries like advanced manufacturing, education, tourism and clean energy.
  • Keep supporting social enterprise and small business in Melbourne and around the country.The Greens will support small and medium-sized businesses to lower their energy costs and ensure small business pays less tax then big business.
  • Increasing payments to and flexibility for single parents
  • Lifting youth allowance and Newstart by $75/week
  • Reversing tax cuts that will make inequality worse
  • Closing tax loopholes and taxing big corporations on their super profits to invest directly in improving public services and infrastructure.
  • Making sure the super-rich pay their fair share