Melbourne Says No to Tax Cuts



Tax cuts aren't about building a better society – they're about maintaining the status quo. They're not about wielding power to improve the system – they're using power to perpetuate and solidify everything that’s wrong with it. To have a fairer, more equal society, governments must properly fund public schools, hospitals and other services, while also looking after people who are doing it tough.

Instead, the Turnbull government has cut $144 Billion in income tax revenue and Bill Shorten's Labor is joining them in the tax-cuts arms race, boasting that their cuts are better. Every time Labor and Liberal join in this macho, “my tax cut is bigger than yours” bribe-fest, another piece of the welfare state dies.

The old parties like to parade out tax cuts whenever an election is on the horizon. But tax cuts are hospital cuts. They’re cuts to schools, science, welfare and pensioners.

Wages are flat-lining. Inequality is at record highs. Penalty rates have been cut. Almost 20% of young people are underemployed. Centrelink is chronically underfunded. Schools and hospitals are bursting at the seams. Seeing a doctor is becoming harder and more expensive – it goes on and on.

The Greens are fighting to protect Australia’s progressive taxation system. Eroding the tax system leads us down the path of Trump’s America. Join our fight


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