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As wages flatline and it gets harder to make ends meet, Australia’s billionaires keep getting richer.

While you and the country were doing it tough during the pandemic, the wealth of Australia’s billionaires grew an eye-watering 25% – to a record high, $357 billion.

Meanwhile, 1 in 3 big corporations pays no tax and they send much of their profit offshore.

It is time to make the billionaires and the big corporations pay their fair share.

The Greens will introduce the first ever ‘billionaire’s tax’ in Australia and make the billionaires start paying an extra tax on their obscene wealth.

Every year the number of billionaires across the world grows and their control of the national and global wealth grows too.

‘By making the billionaires pay an extra 6% of their wealth back to the public each year, we can help do things like get dental into Medicare, ensure our public schools are genuinely free and give a job to everyone who wants one.’

With a billionaires tax we can raise the rate of Jobseeker to make sure those who are in need of assistance will be able to live above the poverty line.

We will also introduce a super-profits tax on big corporations, so the big corporations making super-profits pay their fair share.

The Greens will make the billionaires and the big corporations pay their fair share so we can roll back inequality, make the investments we need for the next decade and bring down the costs of the essential services you rely on.

But we will need to fight for the future. The big corporations and billionaires fill the pockets of Liberal, Nationals and Labor with political donations, and only the Greens will force the next government to take on these powerful interests.

Adam and the Greens will:

  • Put in place a new Corporate Super-Profits Tax of 40% on big corporations
  • Introduce an annual extra 6% wealth tax on billionaires
  • Tax the mega-profits of big corporations earning over $100m annually
  • Crackdown on multinational tax avoidance
  • End government handouts to the billionaires and the big corporations, like the fossil fuel industry

Learn more about our plan to make billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share

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