<1>Abbott duds world-leading renewable energy project

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt MP today said that Tony Abbott is dudding Australia’s world-first solar-power breakthrough.

“CSIRO, ARENA and the private sector have collectively led a world-first breakthrough just as Tony Abbott is cutting their funding and undermining the country’s renewable energy industry,” said Mr Bandt. 

“CSIRO has broken the world record for the hottest ‘supercritical’ steam ever.

"This breakthrough means that solar power now has the potential to heat steam to the same temperature as coal and gas-powered power stations, which could drive turbines to generate clean electricity.

“Coal-fired power stations could become solar powered.

“CSIRO, ARENA and the private sector have achieved the solar-energy equivalent of breaking the sound barrier. Meanwhile, CSIRO and ARENA face the Abbott Budget axe.

“This project needs funding to continue developing its breakthrough technology, not least to commercialise these advancements, thereby bringing the country many more benefits.

“Imagine what our country could accomplish if our clean-energy industry had the resources, subsidies and support the Abbott Government lavishes on the non-renewable, dirty coal, mining and resources industries.

“This breakthrough comes after Tony Abbott told the Minerals Council that he could think of few things worse than leaving coal in the ground.

“The Greens can think of few things worse than sacrificing our innovative industries and scientific potential just because the Prime Minister can’t see past his fossil fuel blinkers,” said Mr Bandt.