Tony Abbott responsible for Holden closure: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP says Tony Abbott must accept responsibility for Holden’s closure.

Mr Bandt says Tony Abbott has failed to secure a sustainable future for the car industry and now he needs to tell Australian workers in the auto industry what he will do about their jobs.

“Tony Abbott must take responsibility for not putting the Australian auto industry on a sustainable footing.”

 "The Greens have repeatedly urged that industry assistance continue on the condition we shift gears to electric vehicles and sustainable transport, which would secure jobs for the future."

 “The government has failed Australian workers. Fifty thousand workers' jobs are estimated to be at risk with repercussions for up to 200,000 more.”

 “This could drive the economy backwards in south-eastern states, especially if the government cuts hard in the upcoming budgets. Tony Abbott must now outline what he will do to staunch the wound to Australian manufacturing. Toyota could be next.”

 “The economy is slowing and unemployment is on the rise. This will be a further big hit to the economy, particularly in South Australia and Victoria.”

 “My state of Victoria had negative per-capita growth last year and the Liberals have no plan to turn the ship around.”

 “The government must commit to proper funding to assist workers who will lose their jobs."