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Melbourne voters had a huge impact on the national agenda by voting Green.

I’m so proud to be Melbourne’s strong, independent voice in the middle of Federal Parliament fighting for what matters.

Here’s some of what we’ve achieved together:

  • $21 million for local heritage projects, including funds to support the restoration of the Royal Exhibition Building
  • Stopping the East West toll road from dividing our neighbourhoods and destroying what we love about our city
  • Negotiated and passed the ‘Medivac’ refugee bill
  • First steps of high-speed rail up the East Coast
  • Ending taxpayer funding of the tobacco industry
  • Recognising First Nations people in an act of Parliament
  • Securing legislative safeguards against the privatisation of the NBN
  • Protecting children in remote communities from petrol sniffing
  • Securing a Children’s Commissioner to stand up for children’s rights
  • Securing additional funding for SBS and the ABC and restoring the Australian Music Radio AirPlay Project
  • Action on sports betting and making sure kids don’t think live odds are another part of the game
  • Strengthening the authority of Territorian Governments to make their own choices
  • Increasing protection for firefighters who contract cancer in the line of duty
  • Establishing the Melbourne Employment Forum to enhance migrant employment opportunities
  • Minimising the impacts of the Australian Building and Construction Commission so that building workers aren’t treated worse than criminals
  • Securing rights for seafarers so they’re treated the same as other workers when they get sick
  • Securing federal funding for JobWatch to provide legal support services for Melbourne workers

Together with you this past decade, we’ve made Melbourne a progressive beacon for the nation.

Transformative change is possible. I hope you’ll continue to be part of the fight.

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