Tunnel vision on toll road no one wants: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and Melbourne MP Adam Bandt said that Tony Abbott finding another billion dollars for the  proposed East-West toll road shows that the ‘Budget emergency’ is a sham.

“The so-called ‘budget emergency’ is a sham,” said Mr Bandt.

“Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey say they can’t find enough money for pensioners and might have to put a levy on taxpayers, but there’s another $1bn for a polluting toll road Victorians don’t want.

“Tony Abbott has tunnel vision. The Greens’ message for Tony Abbott is simple. ‘Wrong way, go back’.”

“Building more roads to cure congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity. It won’t work.

“Tony Abbott should use taxpayers’ funds to support pensioners and public transport, not build a polluting tollway,” said Mr Bandt.