Turnbull driving up power bills & Premiers must act: Bandt

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt says the leaders' COAG meeting today must act because reports from energy agencies and economists show Malcolm Turnbull is driving up power prices and pollution.

Mr Bandt says the Council of Governments meeting today should ignore the climate sceptic ravings of the Prime Minister and get on with the job of putting in place a national plan for the energy sector.

“Malcolm Turnbull is hostage to the Trumps in his party and it is driving up power prices and pollution,” Mr Bandt said today.

“Everyone is telling the Prime Minister that tackling climate change could make electricity cheaper and cut pollution, but Malcolm Turnbull prefers to take his advice from Cory Bernardi.”

“Faced with a Prime Minister content to mouth the mad ravings of the deniers between now and the next election, the Premiers must act.”

“The electricity sector needs action to ensure security, affordability and investment in clean energy. The Premiers should take seriously the proposal of the South Australian Premier for the states to establish an emissions intensity scheme.”

The Greens took a plan for a state by state replacement of coal-fired power stations based emission performance standards to the election.