We will fight East-west demolitions: Greens

Greens Deputy Leader and Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP and Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber said that the Greens will continue the fight to the east-west toll road proposal, as residents and business owners at both ends of the planned tunnel fear for the loss of their homes and properties from compulsory acquisition.

“The Napthine government is working its hardest to create a veneer of inevitability about this project, despite the fact that they haven’t yet made their business case public and the required funding isn’t committed,” Mr Bandt said.

“The government’s latest release of designs and letters sent to residents foreshadowing the acquisition of their homes is creating fear. It’s completely unfair to leave people in limbo by saying it will be another year before any specific property acquisition notices go out.”

“We shouldn’t be wrecking people’s homes and precious parkland for another toll road that’s economically unsustainable and that won’t fix traffic congestion.”

The Greens want investment in public transport to fix congestion on Alexandra Parade and the Eastern Freeway by building a rail line to Doncaster and building Metro Rail.

Earlier this year Mr Bandt introduced a bill to prioritise the $3 billion committed to Metro Rail over any federal contribution to East West toll road.