The Greens will stand up for single parents, young people and other marginalised groups by fighting the Coalition's attacks on Newstart and payments to single parents.

A better start for jobseekers

Jobseekers are living so far below the poverty line it has become a barrier to them finding work. Adam and the Greens have a plan to immediately raise Newstart and Youth Allowance by $75 per week and bring back the Parenting Payment Single to help more than 90,000 single parents. We will abolish punitive measures like the cashless welfare card – because we should all be able to access income support with dignity, while being treated with respect.

Standing up for single parents

On 1 January 2013, Labor pushed up to 100,000 single parents off the Parenting Payment and onto Newstart. The Liberal government has continued these attacks on single parents.

The Greens will:

  • Increase payments to single parents 
  • Extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks, paid at higher than the current rate
  • Make it easier for single parents to request flexible working arrangements, so that they can work and care for their children.

Taking the pressure off young people

Adam and the Greens want to take the pressure off young people and better recognise the huge contribution they make to our society and economy. We have a costed plan to lift Youth Allowance by $75/week and we will make uni and TAFE free, cap rents and expand access to community services to reduce living expenses for young people.