Government ignores white-collar wrongdoing with Trade Union Royal Commission

Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP today said the government is continuing to turn a blind-eye to white-collar wrongdoing.

“Where is the Royal Commission into allegations of white-collar wrongdoing, like the financial planning schemes that saw people lose their home or the Reserve Bank bribery scandals?” Mr Bandt said.

“We have heard many stories about the devastation everyday Australians have faced from trusting supposed white-collar experts, yet the government fails to respond.”

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Greens urge review to focus on Australian gun laws

Following conflicting reports that the perpetrator of the Sydney Siege may have had a licensed firearm, Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt said the Prime Minister is right to launch a review into the adequacy of our gun laws but the review must avoid becoming an excuse to attack refugees.

"The Greens have been saying for a long time that our gun laws need to be stronger. The tragic events in Sydney earlier this week only strengthens the case for better gun control," said Mr Bandt.

"This review must provide us with clear answers to how someone who had mental health issues and was charged with accessory to murder got hold of a gun.

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After Sydney tragedy political rivals unite to declare #weridetogether

Federal MPs Craig Laundy (Liberal), Terri Butler (ALP), Adam Bandt (Greens) and Zhenya "Dio" Wang (PUP) as well as ACTU President Ged Kearney may hold a range of political opinions, but they share a simple message: racism and hate have no place in Australian politics, or Australian life.

These leaders from across the political spectrum share the desire of all Australians to affirm the value of inclusion following the Sydney siege tragedy.

Of diverse belief, they stand together against hatred and are calling on their colleagues and supporters to join them by declaring #weridetogether.

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Treasurer’s early Christmas gift to big corporates

Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP says the Treasurer has handed the big end of town an early Christmas gift while continuing his vicious attack on the young, the old, the sick and the poor.

“Mr Hockey is no scrooge, he’s left a gift for his corporate mates under the giving tree just in time for Christmas,” Mr Bandt said.

“The Abbott government method is to take from the poor and give to the rich.”

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Statement on School Massacre in Pakistan

Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt

We are horrified by the unspeakable violence wrought on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, that has resulted in the mass killing of children and teachers.

This is an appalling act by cowards who have targeted the innocent in the most horrifying and despicable way possible.

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