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Scott Morrison caught cheating on climate: Bandt

Greens spokesperson for the climate crisis, Adam Bandt MP, has labelled Scott Morrison and his government a pack of climate cheats and said he has been caught out.
The government’s climate cheating strategy is in tatters because:

  1. Currently, the Paris Agreement rules do not allow for dodgy carryover credits and current negotiations in Madrid are moving towards explicitly banning the use of such credits, with over 100 countries rejecting their use.
  2. Most of the government’s claimed carryover credits rely on commitments made under Kyoto II, however advice suggests that on a strict legal basis, Kyoto II is still not in force because it lacks ratification from enough countries. If this situation remains, none of Australia’s claimed Kyoto dodgy carryover credits will have any legal basis.
  3. However, even if Kyoto II is in force as the government suggests, action by the rest of the world has triggered a lift in our targets, as per our Kyoto II commitment. As such, most of Australia’s claimed dodgy carryover credits will be wiped out.

Mr Bandt has written to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions regarding these issues. The letter was sent just days before a new Climate Analytics report, released overnight, challenged the legality of Australia’s use of carryover credits.
Quotes attributable to Mr Bandt:
“Scott Morrison is a climate cheat and he has been caught out. Not only is there no moral basis for using these so-called credits to cheat our way out of our climate commitments, there is arguably no legal basis either.
“Further, today he has doubled-down on his cheating by misleading the public and falsely saying that the concern expressed in Madrid ‘does not apply to what Australia’s practice is’. Just like his Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, when the Prime Minister is caught out fudging the numbers he doubles-down with a lie.
“Negotiations on the Paris rulebook may ultimately ban this dodgy carryover scam, but before then the government must explain why they have misled the public about our Kyoto targets.
“Action by the rest of the world has triggered a lift in our targets, and once that happens, 70% of these spurious credits disappear.
“Not only that, but it appears the legal conditions for creating these so-called credits never existed in the first place.

“If Australia cannot abide by our international obligations, we risk jeopardising international trade deals, such as the current negotiations with the European Union.

“As Australia burns and Sydney chokes, Scott Morrison must quit his climate cheating and act on the climate emergency.”
Australia’s Kyoto II commitment includes a clause to increase Australia’s targets “by up to 15% by 2020 if there is a global agreement which falls short of securing atmospheric stabilisation at 450 ppm CO2-eq and under which major developing economies commit to substantially restrain emissions and advanced economies take on commitments comparable to Australia's”.
Australia’s ratification of the Paris Agreement (and the Doha amendment, which gives effect to our Kyoto II obligations), means that the conditions for the 15% increase in Australia’s target under the second commitment period have been met. There is no longer any basis for Australia to refuse to lift its 2020 targets by up to 15%.

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As Australia burns, the Liberals cheat and Labor spits in the face of victims: Greens

The Australian Greens have slammed Liberal and Labor for their climate failures and embrace of coal, both on the international stage and the while tackling the bushfires crisis currently crippling the east coast of Australia.

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Greens move to depoliticise research funding

The Greens will move in the House and the Senate to reverse the Liberal government’s recent politicisation of Australian Research Council grants by requiring the Minister to publicly release all successful grant applications in a timely manner and without other government MPs or candidates involved.
The government recently changed the ARC rules so that grants could be announced by Coalition MPs – and only Coalition MPs – even when the successful grant was outside the government MP’s electorate.
Quotes attributable to Greens Science & Research spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP:
“Research funding should be independently assessed and not a political plaything.

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As climate bushfires continue government must reject CCS pipedream: Bandt

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has slammed the government’s latest push for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, dismissing it as a useless pipedream.

“As the climate bushfires continue to devastate the country, the government’s only climate proposal is a pipedream,” said Mr Bandt.



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NSW and Queensland burn as Morrison fails to get climate crisis under control

Greens spokesperson for the climate crisis, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to the bushfires burning across NSW and QLD, saying Scott Morrison bears some responsibility and must apologise to the communities impacted. 

“We're deeply saddened by the loss of life and our hearts go out to all the families and communities impacted, as well as the firefighters tackling these terrifying scenes,” said Mr Bandt. 

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Joel Fitzgibbon is bullying his way towards climate disaster

Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to Labor Shadow Minister for Resources Joel Fitzgibbon’s attack on Victorian fracking bans, warning that unleashing toxic methane gas will blow any chance of meeting the Paris Agreement goals.
“Joel Fitzgibbon, the man Anthony Albanese has made responsible for Labor’s coal and gas policy, is trying to bully Labor Premiers into unleashing a toxic methane climate disaster,” said Mr Bandt.

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Morrison should show some climate leadership and offer to host crucial climate summit

Acting Greens leader Adam Bandt MP and Greens spokesperson for Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, have called on Scott Morrison to show some climate leadership and offer to host the upcoming crucial COP25 Climate Summit.
COP25 was due to be held in a fortnight in Santiago, however Chile has withdrawn from hosting due to ongoing civil unrest.

Quotes attributable to Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP
"If Scott Morrison wants to show that he is serious about taking action on global warming then he should offer to host the upcoming climate summit.

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Albanese coal speech from Morrison playbook: Greens

Acting Greens leader, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s CEDA speech, saying Labor is joining the Liberals by supporting thermal coal, setting Australia on a unity ticket towards climate catastrophe.

“Without a plan to phase out coal, you don’t have a plan to address the climate crisis,'' Mr Bandt said.

“Talking up renewables while continuing to back coal is straight out of Scott Morrison’s playbook. It is not going to wash.

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Increasing pollution will only make bushfires worse: Bandt

Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP, has responded to the worsening NSW bushfires crisis, warning that without a real plan to cut pollution, more homes and lives across Australia will be at risk now and into the future.  
“Our hearts go out to the people in New South Wales who are experiencing such great loss right now,” said Mr Bandt.

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Greens will fight tooth and nail against any increase to the GST: Bandt

Acting Greens leader Adam Bandt MP has responded to moves within the government to lift the rate of the goods and services tax (GST), warning that the Greens will fight tooth and nail to block any increase.

“Today Scott Morrison’s real agenda was exposed,” said Mr Bandt.

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