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  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 18 rsvps
    Adam's office in Melbourne, Australia

    Our PM cradled a lump of coal in Parliament and got re-elected. Until we can get rid of him, what’s next?

    United Kingdom: "I doubt one of the countries we colonised could have a worse 2019 than us."

    Australia: "Hold my beer."

    Apart from Adam being re-elected with 49.30% of the primary vote in Melbourne (a new Greens record) and holding all our Senators, the 2019 Federal election was a dumpster fire.

    But the other thing that's on fire is our planet--and because our Prime Minister is a rotten coal-hugger we need to redouble our efforts to take action on the climate emergency.

    The election is over and everyone has had a well deserved break. But now we need to come together again.

    Come along to hear about our plans for the global strike for climate, for parliament to declare a climate emergency and more!