Greens push to extend RET, warn Labor not to capitulate on coal

Greens push to extend RET, warn Labor not to capitulate on coal

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has introduced legislation into parliament today to extend the Renewable Energy Target and urged the Labor party not to cut a deal with the government on a Clean Energy Target that includes coal, as was publicly mooted last week, warning it may set back investment in renewables.

“War is peace, freedom is slavery and coal is clean energy. Malcolm Turnbull looks set to redefine the ‘clean energy’ target to include coal and Labor is lining up to agree,” said Mr Bandt.

“Defining coal as ‘clean energy’ would make even Donald Trump blush.

“Whether it is using taxpayer dollars to build new coal, counting coal as ‘clean energy’ or extending the life of existing coal-fired power stations, Tony Abbott is writing Malcolm Turnbull’s energy policy.

“Now it’s time for the Labor party to show its hand. It can either back The Greens, who have introduced legislation to extend the Renewable Energy Target, or side with the ‘COALition’ to include coal in a CET.

“A Labor/Liberal energy deal risks creating a short term ‘valley of death’ for renewables, with another investment strike in renewables and new stranded assets in coal.

“The Greens are offering Labor a different option. Instead of falling over themselves to sign up to a dirty CET, Labor should hold the line until this hapless government loses the next election, and work with The Greens on passing effective clean energy laws that drive investment towards renewables and away from coal.”

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Background on the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Continuing the Energy Transition) Bill 2017

The Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Continuing the Energy Transition) Bill 2017 amends Section 40 of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 replacing the static yearly target of 33,000 MWh of renewable electricity and sets out near yearly targets from 2020 to 2030 increasing by 2,165 MWh a year. The final target for 2030 is 55,500 MWh.

The bill retains the existing structure of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act, which puts in the place the Renewable Energy Target scheme.

This would create a Renewable Energy Target of approximately 30% of generation coming from renewables, which is part of the Greens’ broader plan for 90% renewables by 2030.