Paris Agreement targets now out of reach: Bandt

Paris Agreement targets now out of reach: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that if Tony Abbott continues to dictate energy policy in this country and coal is included in a revised 'clean' energy target, we won’t even meet the paltry targets Australia agreed to in Paris.

"Malcolm Turnbull's capitulation to Tony Abbott over the clean energy target means even our paltry Paris commitments are now out of reach,” said Mr Bandt.

"Even if the Finkel review was implemented in full, we wouldn’t have met our paltry Paris targets because the electricity sector wasn't going to do its fair share of pollution reduction. 

"Now, after Tony Abbott has come in like a wrecking ball, there’s no chance that the ‘Clean Energy Target’ will even be clean, let alone reduce emissions by the amount required to meet our meagre Paris commitments.

"To meet our share of the Paris '2 degrees' target, Australia needs to close one coal-fired power station a year, but instead we're talking about keeping them open longer and making global warming worse.

"Malcolm Turnbull is treating our climate with contempt. He’ll do anything to hang on to power and to please Tony Abbott, which appears to include condemning our children and grandchildren to a world ravaged by climate change."

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