Greens Welcome Push for Casual Workers’ Job Security

Greens Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Employment and Workplace Relations Adam Bandt today welcomed the ACTU’s push to improve security for casual workers.

“Today’s announcement from the ACTU is a good first step in ensuring more Australian workers get the rights that they deserve,” Mr Bandt said.

"A growing number of Australian workers now find themselves in insecure employment, such as long-term casual employment or rolling contracts.”

“Too many Australian workers have little economic security and little control over their working lives. This makes it harder for them to plan their lives or commit to long term arrangements like getting a mortgage.”

“Rather than moving to take away workers’ rights that Australians have fought so hard for, Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz need to take the lead on improving job security for Australians in our changing economy.”

“The Greens have long pushed for increased security for casual workers, including creating a process for workers employed on an insecure basis to be moved to more secure employment.”

Media Contact: Adam Pulford, 0424 885 387