Treasurer should include carbon tax in Tax White Paper: Greens

Greens treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today called on Treasurer Scott Morrison to include a carbon tax in the government’s Tax White Paper. Mr Bandt’s call comes after Parliamentary Library analysis showed that removing the current exemptions from the GST or increasing the GST to 12.5% would bring in a comparable amount of revenue to the original carbon tax, forecast to reach $29 a tonne, yet it will cost households around three to four times as much.

“Raising the GST to 12.5% and bringing back the carbon price would both bring in $10-15 billion of extra revenue, but the increase to the GST would cost households three times as much,” Mr Bandt said.

“Bringing back a price on pollution would be a much fairer and better way to raise revenue than any changes to the GST.”

“Just as the government has been prepared to put superannuation tax concessions back on the table after Tony Abbott had ruled it out, so too should they put a carbon tax back on the table.”

“I have written to Treasurer Scott Morrison today asking him to include a carbon tax in the government’s upcoming Tax White Paper.”

Mr Bandt spoke on this at the doors of the House of Representatives earlier today.

Click here for further information on the Parliament Library analysis.

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