Greens urge government to change direction on tax

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP wrote to Treasurer Scott Morrison late yesterday urging him to adopt a fairer ‘Plan B’ on tax reform that could pass through the Senate. Mr Bandt’s letter outlined the Greens’ proposals for progressive taxation of superannuation and reforming negative gearing, areas that the government is reported to be considering.

“Tax reform should start at the top, not the bottom. The Greens want the government to change direction on tax,” Mr Bandt said.

“Now that the GST rise is dead, the government has got two options to raise revenue. It can press ahead with its unfair proposals like cutting school funding or putting up the price of blood tests, or it can adopt a fairer ‘Plan B’ that has a chance of getting through the Senate.”

“We should wind back unfair tax breaks that benefit the very wealthy and the big polluters.”

“I have written to the Treasurer proposing a ‘Plan B’ that would start tax reform at the top, rather than at the bottom, and would help secure the country’s revenue base in a fairer way than the government’s approach.”

“We have proposals for the progressive taxation of super, to end negative gearing on new investments, to stop giving billions of dollar a year for the likes of Gina Rinehart to buy cheaper diesel and to wind back exemptions on Capital Gains Tax.”

“The Greens have put on the table proposals that will bring in $38 billion of revenue over the forward estimates.”

“The government must now stop running this so-called ‘tax debate’ by smoke signal and come to the table to discuss real options for reform, like the Greens are proposing.”

You can read a copy of Mr Bandt’s letter to the Treasurer here.

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054