Worst. Tax 'debate'. Ever.

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today welcomed Malcolm Turnbull publicly declaring the GST rise is dead, buried and cremated, but said this latest move by the government confirms it has been the worst tax 'debate' ever.

"Finally Malcolm Turnbull has come out and let the public know that a GST rise is dead, buried and cremated," Mr Bandt said.

"This is just the government bowing to public pressure over a policy it never had the courage to publicly own.”

“Worst. Tax ‘debate’. Ever.”

"We’ve been shadow boxing for months because Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have failed to put forward a single proposal in this supposed 'debate' on tax reform."

"The real debate should have been about how to secure the revenue we need to fund the services Australians rightly expect, not declaring we don't have a revenue problem from the get-go."

"Instead it has been left up to the Greens to take the lead with costed plans to secure the country's revenue base to pay for our schools, hospitals and services."

"The Greens have long pushed for the government to end unfair tax breaks that benefit the very wealthy, like negative gearing and superannuation tax concessions."

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