Jekyll & Hyde Energy Minister fires up in defence of dirty coal-fired power

Despite previously praising renewable energy, in Question Time today Energy & Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg fired up in defense of dirty coal-fired power stations following a question on the matter from Greens Energy & Climate spokesperson Adam Bandt MP.

“The two sides of Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg are as shockingly different as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” Mr Bandt said.

“One moment Minister Frydenberg is out whispering sweet nothings about renewable energy and the next he is blowing up in defence of dirty coal-fired power.”

“Today we saw Australia’s biggest energy company call for the phased retirement of coal-fired power stations, yet the Energy Minister and Coalition government refuse to get on board.”

“The Greens have a plan to orderly retire dirty coal-fired power stations and create a $1 billion fund to support the affected communities and workers as they transition to new industries and work.”

You can view Mr Bandt’s question and the Minister’s response here.

Mr Bandt’s question in full:

“A number of eminent Australians including the head of AGL, a former Governor-General and a former head of Telstra have urged the government to facilitate the phased and controlled closure of coal-fired electricity.

Now that Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station is to be closed, will the Government agree to put into law a plan for the orderly retirement of coal-fired power stations so he that workers, communities and clean energy investors can plan for the future? Or will you continue to leave it to the chaos of the market so that Australia’s future energy security and welfare of places like the Latrobe Valley are left to the boardrooms of Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong?”

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