Any 'emissions intensity' scheme must satisfy scientists not climate deniers: Bandt

Greens Climate Change & Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today warned that any ‘emissions intensity’ scheme proposed by the government must satisfy the scientists not the climate deniers on the government's backbench.

"The Coalition’s climate review took off the table a number of the tools that will cut pollution and tackle global warming,” Mr Bandt said.

“The Coalition ruled out an economy-wide price on pollution and seems content to let the Renewable Energy Target die, the very policy that is doing the heavy-lifting in transitioning to renewables and cutting pollution."

"Now the climate deniers in the Coalition are trying to knock out the one remaining mechanism left in the review that could cut pollution in line with our Paris commitments."

"As soon as the government's climate review was announced, Cory Bernadi and Craig Kelly were out warning the government not to take any serious action on climate."

“This is a test for Turnbull's Energy and Environment Minister. Is he going to propose an emissions intensity scheme that appeases the hard right climate deniers on his backbench, or one that satisfies the scientists?"

“The Greens took to the election a policy which is based on emissions intensity. The Greens proposed a plan that will phase out our most polluting coal-fired power stations and replace them with clean renewable energy.”

“Now even the country’s biggest polluter, AGL, is calling for a plan to phase out coal-fired power stations. It’s only the government that is being left out like a shag on a rock without any plan.”

“The test of any emissions intensity scheme proposed by the government is whether it cuts pollution in line with our Paris commitments, but the initial signs aren’t looking good.”

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