Malcolm Turnbull: what even is the point?

Following the Prime Minister's latest capitulation to Cory Bernardi and the climate deniers on the backbench in ruling out an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector, Greens Climate Change & Energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt, today asked: "What even is the point of Malcolm Turnbull?"

An emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector



Chief Scientist

The Turnbull government

Climate Change Authority




Australian Energy Market Commission


Energy Networks Australia


AGL Energy


South Australian government


Grattan Institute


Cath Tanna, Energy Australia Managing Director


Dame Quentin Bryce, former Governor-General


Danny Price, Frontier Economics Managing Director


Mr Geoffrey Cousins, ACF President


Ms Jillian Broadbent, CEFC Chair


Australian Labor Party


Australian Greens


Malcolm Turnbull


Note: Both Labor and the Greens took different electricity reform mechanisms to the election, but both were based on setting emission intensity levels for the electricity sector.

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