<1>Turnbull’s coal fetish breaking energy system & making heatwaves worse: Bandt

Heatwave sun could be generating solar power to keep Australians cool, but Malcolm Turnbull is presiding over a broken energy system and will make heatwaves worse by burning more coal, said Greens Energy & Climate Change spokesperson Adam Bandt MP.

“The heatwave sun beating down right now could be landing on big solar plants and powering our fans and air conditioners, but Malcolm Turnbull just wants more coal,” said Mr Bandt.

“It’s 2017, we’re a first world country and under Malcolm Turnbull’s government the national electricity system is broken.”

“Instead of working out how to get cheap renewable energy into everyone’s homes to run their fans and air conditioners, Malcolm Turnbull’s team throws around lumps of coal and treats the whole thing as a joke.”

"Malcolm Turnbull's coal fetish is breaking our energy system and making heatwaves worse."

“This is what global warming looks like and we’ll be seeing more heatwaves happen more often if Malcolm Turnbull has his way.”

“Australia has always been a country prone to heatwaves, so why the hell would we make more of them by burning more coal?”

“If we burn more coal, heatwaves will come more often, more people will die and Malcolm Turnbull will have to account for it.”

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