Green energy funding for coal like health funding for asbestos: Bandt

Greens Climate Change & Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the government moving to change CEFC rules allowing it to pour funding into coal would be like investing the health budget into asbestos.

"Subsidising coal through the green energy bank is like subsidising asbestos through the health budget," Mr Bandt said.

"The government's backing of coal over renewables is dumb, dangerous and purely ideological."

"Coal is more expensive than solar and wind. The only way new coal power stations will be built is if the government props them up."

"The CSIRO has told us that the best way to cut pollution and make the electricity grid stable is through renewables and storage, not more coal."

"Redirecting its renewables money towards coal and changing its rules to allow projects that don’t even cut pollution by half would kill off the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, just like Tony Abbott tried and failed to do."

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