Morrison must now sack Dutton: Greens

Morrison must now sack Dutton: Greens

After further claims that Peter Dutton had a personal connection with someone he helped with an au pair issue, Greens MP and Co-Deputy Leader, Adam Bandt, said Mr Dutton’s position as Minister is no longer tenable and the Prime Minister should remove him from the ministry.

Peter Dutton made a statement to Parliament (in response to a question from Mr Bandt) that he had no personal connection or other relationship with the Brisbane-based person who asked for help with the au pair. However, Mr Dutton has recently confirmed that the person he helped was a ‘former police colleague’, also contradicting his statement to Parliament. The Prime Minister’s ‘Statement of Ministerial Standards’ requires that Ministers not mislead Parliament.

“Peter Dutton misled Parliament when answering my question,” said Mr Bandt.

“Peter Dutton has breached the ministerial rules and if he won’t resign, Scott Morrison should sack him.

“As each day goes by, the chance of success of my ‘no confidence’ motion in Peter Dutton increases.”

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