Latest IPCC report a giant SOS for our forests and land: Greens


Greens climate and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, has said the latest IPCC climate report released today is a giant SOS for our forests and land, particularly in Australia.
The IPCC’s Climate Change and Land: an IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems report released in Geneva says that reforestation, protection of forests and a shift away from unsustainable intensive farming systems is critical to solving the climate crisis.
According to the report, 72% of the planet’s ice-free surface is now used to feed, clothe and support Earth’s growing population and agriculture, forestry and other land use produces almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions driving the climate emergency.
While Australia is particularly vulnerable to desertification and other impacts of the climate crisis discussed in the report, it is also engaged in many of the damaging land use practices contributing to global heating.
Comments attributable to Adam Bandt MP:
“This is an SOS from the world’s scientists about the climate emergency.”
“Australia is in the middle of the worst drought in Australian history and this will only get worse if we don’t listen to the warnings in this report.”
“Unsustainable land clearing and the logging of our native forests must end, and we must plan a path towards a zero emission farming future if we are to have a chance of avoiding catastrophe.”
“One glimmer of hope in this report is that farmers can be part of the solution, and that we can simultaneously improve water efficiency and soil fertility while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere if we get the policies right. 
“Australian farmers are experiencing the climate crisis right now and they need to be supported to make the transition.”
“This report comes just after the hottest global month on record. The records tumbling one after another are a sounding out death knell for civilisation unless we act.”

Media Contacts:
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