'Fossil Fuel Fail' as Turnbull secures high gas prices for Australians

'Fossil Fuel Fail' as Turnbull secures high gas prices for Australians

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said Malcolm Turnbull has ensured that households and industry will pay an arm and a leg for gas for years to come.

“Malcolm Turnbull has thrown the towel in the ring after being intimidated by big gas companies,” said Mr Bandt.

“All Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless sidekicks have done is give the big gas cartel permission to sell their gas to Australians at the high international price.

“This is a ‘fossil fuel fail’ of truly epic proportions. This comedy of errors shows the danger of being reliant on dirty fossil fuels.

“Right now, the future of Australia is being dictated by big energy companies who are walking out of their meetings with the PM and laughing all the way to the bank.

“Instead of endless, pointless meetings with big energy companies, we need to develop a national plan to switch industry over from gas to electricity where possible.

“The only way to solve this mess is to get out of fossil fuels and onto clean, cheap renewable electricity but, to do that, we need a Prime Minister who isn’t captured by the fossil fuel lobby.”

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