Energy regulator report points to govt failure: Bandt

Energy regulator report points to govt failure: Bandt

Greens energy and climate spokesperson Adam Bandt says the Australian Energy Regulator’s “State of the Energy Market” report, released today, reinforces that the energy crisis is caused by the Turnbull government’s failure to implement a coherent electricity and climate policy.

Mr Bandt said the report again shows that everyone except the government seems to know we need a policy to phase out coal and bring new energy generation in.

“Another day and another key industry stakeholder tells us the government’s war on renewables is creating an energy crisis,” Mr Bandt said.

“This report confirms that the government’s energy policy black hole is pushing up prices and holding back investment in new electricity generation.

“Renewables are cheaper than coal and gas because their fuel is free. The more renewables we build the more prices will come down. The only thing holding that back is the government’s policy failure.”

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AER: “Uncertainty about governments’ energy and climate change policies is affecting investor confidence. Outside of renewables, private investment in new plant has stalled while governments have announced plans to invest (or to explore investment) in gas, pumped hydro and energy storage.”

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