AIG’s Willox living in another world: Bandt

The Australian Industry Group, Innes Willox, is living in another world when it comes to insecure work, Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt said today.

Writing in today's Australian Financial Review, Mr Willox attacked the push by the ACTU and the Greens for ‘secure work orders' to tackle the growing problem of insecure work.

"Mr Willox is living in another world if he thinks the millions of people in insecure work are all there by choice," Mr Bandt said.

"The AIG can try and peddle a big business fantasy of workers all being happy without sick leave, paid leave or job security but the reality is very different.

"Many people unwillingly in insecure work are finding it hard to plan their lives, get mortgages and start families. It's a growing problem and Australia is a particularly bad offender, with Spain being the only OECD country with more temporary workers.

"Flexibility needs to work both ways, for employees as well as employees. If workers are contractors or on insecure arrangements by genuine choice, then that should continue, but if workers are seeking more security, they should be entitled to that too.

"No one is talking about tradies not working as contractors - this is a straw man and Willox knows it.

"Next year's Parliamentary inquiry into my Tackling Job Insecurity bill will be an opportunity for Mr Willox and the AIG's fantasy to be tested."

 4 December 2012