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World class public services 

We should all have access to high quality, free health care & education, affordable housing and a strong social safety net that looks after us when we are out of work, as we age or if we have a disability.

But for decades, Liberal and Labor governments have sold us out by giving massive tax handouts and subsidies to their big corporate donors, instead of investing in the public services that we all need. It’s about choices and priorities – and time after time, they’ve let us down by cutting services and making us pay more and more for the things that used to be free.

So while big corporate profits are soaring and 1 in 3 of the largest corporations pay no tax, the rest of us are left paying more or waiting longer to get help. No wonder more and more people across our community are stressed and struggling to make ends meet.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Greens have a plan to: 

  • Introduce Medicare of the future: a truly universal health care system that includes dental and mental health 
  • Make Childcare Free, permanently. 

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  • #RaiseTheRate of JobSeeker, for good. 

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  • Stop uni fee hikes and instead provide free TAFE and Uni. 

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  • Fully fund public schools 
  • Guarantee access to aged care services and ensure there is an aged care workforce for the future 
  • Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one. 

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Tackling inequality 

Standing up for single parents

Adam and the Greens will increase payments to single parents.

  • The Greens will allow single parents to earn more income before having their payments cut.
  • We have a plan to allow single parents to request flexible work

Paid parental leave 

Adam and the Greens have successfully protected existing paid parental leave.

  • We will extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks, paid at higher than the current rate.

Rebuilding the future for young people 

Young people are being hit hard by the economic fallout of COVID-19.

Experts now fear years of debt and unemployment are ahead for the young. And it wasn't like things were easy before. You’ve been locked out of the housing market, you’re paying a million dollars for rent and getting by with only patchy, unreliable work.

Under our plan, people under 30 will be guaranteed:

  • A free place at uni or TAFE, or an apprenticeship or traineeship, so that you can pursue your passion;
  • An income you can actually live on;
  • A secure and decent job if you want one, working on one of our exciting, planet-saving, nation-building programs in the industries that will tackle the climate emergency and build a more creative, and caring society.


A fairer, more equal community 

All of us deserve to feel safe and to have equal opportunities in life, no matter our background, ability, gender, sexuality, income or postcode.

To ensure a safe, equal world for all, we can’t let a few powerful voices turn us against each other or divide us based on where we come from, who we love or what we look like.

But both Liberal and Labor governments have cynically pitted members of our community against each other. They’ve introduced and aggressively championed policies that exclude or vilify people just because of who they are - divisive policies like allowing schools to discriminate against gay teachers, unbelievably cruel policies like locking refugee children up in offshore detention indefinitely, or discriminatory policies that result in First Nations children locked up in jail at ten times the rate of non-Indigenous children. They’ve eroded everyone’s fundamental rights, including our right to privacy and digital freedoms.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Greens will always advocate  for our rights, champion diversity and call out discrimination, bias and bigotry. We will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to live a good life, free from discrimination.

Our plan: 

  • Work with First Nations Peoples, to establish a path for sovereignty and treaties and to close the gap · 
  • Close offshore detention and create a safe pathway for people who seek our help 
  • Champion diversity in our communities
  • Ensure equality for women in all aspects of society, including at work 
  • Stamp out systemic racism and hate speech
  • Make Australia accessible and fully fund the NDIS 
  • Ensure LGBTIQ+ people have full equality under the law and in our communities 
  • Create a charter of rights 
  • Make Australia a good global citizen, by supporting peace and demilitarisation