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Everyone has the right to a world-class education. No one should go into decades of debt just to get a degree. We had free education before, and we can have it again if we are willing to make the billionaires and the big corporations pay their fair share.

Liberal and Labor have given billions to private schools. At the same time, public schools are underfunded and desperate for resources. This means out-of-pocket costs are hiked up, and parents are forced to pay sometimes thousands of dollars of ‘voluntary fees’. The Liberals have given Government money to private schools for infrastructure whilst public school playgrounds are filled with demountable classrooms, and students and staff swelter through summers without air conditioning.   

If we don’t make a big investment in public schools, 99% won’t have the funding they need by 2023.

Further education can help break the cycle of disadvantage. Each year we have seen funding cut, and costs increase, making it harder for people who want to study to access high quality education. Meanwhile, educators are subject to insecure work and low pay thanks to funding cuts. 

Adam and the Greens plan have a plan for the largest investment in public education of any party.

We will fight for: 

  • Genuinely free public schools, which all have the resources every student needs
  • Ensuring there’s no expenses for parents for out-of-school-hours activities such as sport and music, which should be considered essential parts of the public curriculum
  • Fully funded unlimited free TAFE and university for everyone 
  • Ensuring our unis, TAFEs and schools are accessible and sustainable through a four-year $5 billion Green Education Infrastructure Fund

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