Government must show guts on Gonski: Bandt

Responding to reports that the final week of Parliament will see legislation for the Gonski schools funding reform and a disability insurance scheme, Greens Deputy Leader and lower house MP, Adam Bandt, has demanded the Government commit serious funds when the bills are introduced.

"Labor must show some financial guts and tell the public how much money will be spent on schools and disability insurance" said Mr Bandt.

"I am sick of hearing big announcements about important reforms, only for the funding to be put on the never never."

"The time for talking about schools funding is over. It's time for action and that includes a much needed funding boost."

"It is time for Labor to work with the Greens and raise the funds needed so we can fund public schools now, not in 2020."

"Let's fix the holes in the mining tax so there's money available to fund these reforms."

"How can Labor justify letting the big miners off scot free instead of taxing them to pay for important services like schools funding and disability insurance?"

 24 November 2012