Greens back casual leave push: Bandt

Greens employment spokesperson and Acting Leader, Adam Bandt, today welcomed an ACTU push to improve the rights of Australians in 'insecure work'.

"A portable leave system is a great idea. The Greens urge the government to act on this in the first half of next year," said Mr Bandt.

"With casual and insecure work now becoming the norm, people work many jobs in their lives. The changing nature of work means people are less likely to stay in one job for a long time."

"The Greens currently have a bill before Parliament to tackle job insecurity. It's time Labor backed it."

"The Greens are willing to work with Labor in 2013 to insulate workers from a potential Abbott government."

"The Greens also welcome the ACTU's renewed push to give more people better work/life balance. The Greens have a bill in Parliament to expand the right to request flexible working hours. Labor should support it."

"Having Greens MPs in the House of Representatives and remaining in balance of power in the Senate after the 2013 election will be crucial to achieving any of these outcomes "

24 December 2012