<1>Greens will fight attack on unions: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has said the Greens will resist the government’s attempt to undermine unions’ ability to protect Australian workers’ rights.


Mr Bandt said the Greens will not support legislation introduced by the government today, which would reinstate the notorious Australian Building and Construction Commission and undermine the autonomy of unions.

“This is the curtain-raiser to the government’s return to Work Choices. They want to wind up on the unions and then they will come after the peoples’ rights at work.  We won’t be part of it.” Mr Bandt said.

“The registered organisations legislation will mean unions are tied up in red tape, while big companies are able to do what they want.”

The Greens voted with Labor today to refer the Building and Construction Bill and Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment to two separate Senate inquiries today which will mean any vote on the legislation won’t take place before next year.