<1>Lib/Lab Deal Serves Up Qantas to Overseas Governments

“Labor and Tony Abbott have let overseas governments into the cockpit of Qantas,” said Greens Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP. 

“The Greens have been pushing for the majority of Qantas jobs to stay onshore and we are pleased that appears to have been agreed to by the government."

“However, under the proposal that has been cooked up, it will be possible for an overseas airline, backed by their own government, to take a controlling stake in Qantas."

“Labor and Tony Abbott are saying it is fine for an overseas Government to take an ownership stake in Qantas, but not for our own Government to do the same."

“Qantas could now be Australian-owned in name only because an overseas Government-backed airline has taken a taken a controlling stake."

“Qantas isn't on a level playing field. It is competing against overseas airlines that are backed to the hilt by their own governments and it is time our government looked at doing the same for Qantas,” said Mr Bandt.