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Our incredible country and oceans are dying. Our rivers are drying, our forests are burning and being cleared, and thousands of species including our koalas are facing extinction.

First Nations people – who have been caring for and protecting country for millennia – are losing their totems, and important sites are being damaged.

We can turn this around by establishing a $6 billion Nature Fund, which will create thousands of jobs to restore and protect the biodiversity of our forests and lands, and make our rivers and lakes swimmable again.

We have the next decade to make a difference. If we bring people together with sufficient resources and the best environment laws we can start to face this challenge.

Protection programs for our land and environment will include jobs and training programs in park and forest management, pest and weed control, visitor infrastructure, bushfire management, revegetation, ecological research and monitoring, and management to protect threatened species and other wildlife. The Fund will also create more jobs for First Nations land and sea rangers to care for country.

Biodiversity protection, forest, land and ocean restoration will also play a critical part in solving the climate crisis as we need to draw down carbon pollution to return to a safe climate.

So far, the billionaires and the big corporations have been able to weaken our environment protection laws, but with our movement in shared power after the next election we will be able to establish a strong environment watchdog and invest in protecting nature.

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