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Invest in sustainable, productive infrastructure 

The time has come to build our way out of the economic and climate crises we find ourselves in. With large scale investment in productive, sustainable infrastructure and local manufacturing we can create good, steady jobs for hundreds of thousands of people, make sure everyone has a home, while building the green infrastructure to move us to a cleaner economy and a fairer society.

Here’s our plan:

    • 100% renewable energy, setting the course for 100% renewables by 2030
    • High speed rail & better public transport, creating new jobs and kickstarting Australia’s green steel industry 
    • Reboot the waste and recycling industry, creating thousands of jobs and cleaning up our local environment 
    • Nature fund, creating 13,000 jobs while tackling the climate and environment emergencies 

Manufacturing Revival 

It is time for Australia to make things again. We can rebuild manufacturing in Australia, not as it was but as it could be. The Greens would establish a Manufacturing Australia Fund to modernise and expand Australian manufacturing and support the shift to clean, green manufacturing through multiple green industry programs including re-establishing the Clean Technology Innovation Program, scrapped by Tony Abbott. We’d be building the clean energy revolution right here in our backyard.

  • Green steel: The Greens would invest in research and development to find a low-emissions way of making steel 
  • Back Australian made to support Australian manufacturing and grow jobs 
  • Publicly owned vaccines to boost our vaccine capability