Science needs strong defender not factional heavy: Bandt

iStock_000016482360Medium.jpgIt is disappointing that Prime Minister has elevated a factional cheerleader instead of a strong defender of science to the science and research portfolio, Greens Deputy Leader and Science & Research spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said today.

“This is the fourth minister in less than 16 months in the crucial science & research portfolio. Science & research needs a strong defender in cabinet, not a factional heavy being rewarded for their role in Labor numbers games,” said Mr Bandt.

“The first test for Don Farrell will be whether he can defend science and research from cuts in the upcoming Budget.”

“The Minister also needs to make clear that his personal political views will not influence government attitudes to potentially controversial science decisions, particularly in stem cells and biotech.”

"Science & research is the key to Australia’s future prosperity. We need stability and long-term thinking to set Australia up for the future but instead science & research is falling prey to a self-obsessed Labor party and its factional wars."

“Science and research is routinely threatened with budget cuts and it needs a champion in the inner cabinet. Instead, we’ll see a fourth minister in less than 16 months with only a few weeks before a harsh budget.”

“The Greens led the parliamentary charge to stop hundreds of millions of dollars being cut from health and medical research in 2011.”

“Labor sees science & research as a honeypot it can keep dipping into when it needs money to balance the budget. I hope the new minister can stave off budget cuts and set science & research up for the future.”