IPA irresponsible to call for end to minimum wage

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the IPA was irresponsible to call for the end to the minimum wage.

“The Institute of Public Affairs is a group of economic extremists. Calling for the end of the minimum wage is a threat to the country’s way of life,” said Mr Bandt.

“Our prosperity does not and should not depend upon pitching at least 1.5 million low-income Australian workers into poverty. The suggestion that it should is regressive, offensive and unnecessary.

“Most developed countries and a number of developing ones, including the US, Europe and China, have recognised that a minimum wage is a cornerstone of productivity, civilisation and of raising living standards.

“The IPA is conceptually bankrupt if it thinks that the only way to improve the country’s economic wellbeing is to take us back to the 19th century.

“Let’s not forget that the ACCI and the ACTU are both calling for an increase in the minimum wage. The IPA is on its own to call for its end, showing their economic extremism,” said Mr Bandt.