Tony Abbott refuses to provide East-West business case to Parliament

The Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt MP, today condemned Tony Abbott for treating the Commonwealth Parliament and Victorian taxpayers with contempt over the East-West toll road in Melbourne.

“The Senate required the Abbott Government provide it with the full business case for the East-West toll road by July 7. Tony Abbott’s refusal shows contempt for the public, who have a right to know the dodgy numbers behind the toll road,” said Mr Bandt.

“Tony Abbott is treating Victorians with utter contempt by refusing to release the East-West toll road business case.

“The public has a right to know that, following the Senate’s request to produce the full East-West business case, the Abbott Government has simply recycled the same documents that it provided last year, and those were in response to a request from the Greens.

“Tony Abbott is running scared from the public’s right to know and his antics show contempt for Victorians and the Commonwealth Parliament.

“The bottom line is that the Abbott Government has, yet again, squibbed a request to produce the business case.

“If the business case stacked up, Tony Abbott would have released it,” said Mr Bandt.