Treasurer should now formally abandon surplus: Bandt

Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt, has called on Labor and the Treasurer to formally abandon the commitment to a surplus next year.

"Labor has finally been mugged by reality of the revenue crisis and accepted what the Greens, economists and the business community have been urging for some time," said Mr Bandt.

"Labor should now formally abandon its commitment to a surplus so that the next Budget can increase Newstart by $50, build High Speed Rail and put dental into Medicare."

"The next Budget should stimulate an economy under pressure from the mining boom and an uncertain international outlook."

"Unless Labor stands up to big business and fixes the mining tax, an early political surplus would only happen through massive cuts, which would hurt people, small business and the economy."

"It's time to press the fiscal reset switch so that instead of fixating on an arbitrary political surplus, government can fix the revenue crisis and start caring for people again."

 20 December 2012